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Lying Pirates

A multi-layer modular first to finish dice game for 2-6 players with millions of variations.


Welcome to our 'Lying Pirates' FAQ!

Navigating the seas of our game can bring up a treasure trove of questions, and this page is your map to answers. Here below, you'll find detailed explanations for specific scenarios and rules, offering in-depth insight into Lying Pirates.

For a quick start guide, check out our 'How to Play' video embedded here. It's perfect for getting acquainted with the basics and offers a visual overview of the game. While it doesn't dive into every detail like our FAQ, it's a fantastic resource for beginning your adventure.


My Treasure die has Sixes/Zeros on it, why?
It doesn’t!

You may initially mistake the uniquely hand-drawn and stylized 'O' for a '6' or zero.
However, the Treasure die does in fact only consist of two symbols: 'X' and 'O.'

The Treasure Die is categorized as an Action Die. An Action die is never placed in a player’s cup during gameplay.

None of the symbols on the Treasure die function as numbers at any point in the game, so there should be no room for any other interpretation while playing.
Who is the first player?
The player who got the “X start/end” tile will be the first player to make a bet in the first betting phase.
After that, the winner of the previous round will make the first bet.
What if we encounter a situation that is not clear in the rulebook?
Play it as literally as possible. If you still cannot determine the answer. Let the two players who have different perspectives 'battle it out' to see whoever gets to interpret the rules to their favor.
How many dice can I have in my cup?
You can maximum have 10 dice in your cup, unless you are playing with Captain abilities and your Captain's special ability states otherwise
Can I lose all my dice?
No, unless you are playing with the “Instant Death” variant card. Furthermore, if you are playing with Captain abilities: Cpt. Sir James Vernon can never have less than 3 dice in your cup.
What is “Secret information”
The only time you have to be honest about the amount of dice you have is when dice are revealed and are to be counted to determine whoever is a winner, loser and survivor(s) in the betting phase. All other times you can lie about the amount of dice, coins or cards you have as much as you please.
Can I have more dice in my cup during the Final Battle?
Yes, you can for example convert 2 coins into 1 extra crew dice or 1 special dice into 2 extra crew dice and exceed the normal limit of 10 dice.
What can I buy with my coins?
* 1 Action card for 2 coins. 
* 1 reroll of any of your own dice in the Sail and Action phase
* 1 reroll of your own battle dice during the final battle. Only once per battle. 
* Use them during the “Trade” tile or card.
How do I “buy steps”?
The very last “micro phase” is to “buy steps”, you then use 1 crew die to move 1 step forward.

This is ONLY valid for the player(s) in last place.
If two players are last they must both agree to sacrifice 1 crew die each per step.

You can ONLY move up until the 2nd last player - never past them.

You can not move up to the 2nd last player and then ask them to also sacrifice a die to continue to move forward
What happens if I have 10 crew and I win 1 Special Die?
You must discard one of your regular crew dice.
What happens if someone attacks me and should be rewarded a crew dice,  even though I only have 1 crew die?
The attacker won't get your last crew die. Nothing happens.
What happens if I only have 1 Special die and 1 crew die and I am supposed to lose a crew die?
You lose the special die. The only special die you cannot lose in this manner is the Cursed Die. In that case you keep both.
Can I enter the “Start/End” tile with an Action Card being played during the Action Phase?
No, the effect is neglected.
Can I bet on 1’s?
No, 1’s are always wild, meaning they are whatever face value the current bid is.
Can I start my bet on any amount?
You can never start on a higher amount than active players. For example: if you are 3 players, the first bet cannot be with a higher quantity than 3.
Can I decrease the amount of dice if I increase the face value?
No, you can never decrease the amount, only the face value as long as you increase the amount. I.e “three 3’s” to “four 2’s” is valid, whilst “three 3’s to “two 4’s” is invalid.
Can anyone call out a liar?
Only the next player in the current player direction can call out a liar.
Can I lock any exact bet?
No, the lowest amount you can lock is the previous player's bet. But you can increase and lock anything higher than that too.
What cards can be played during the Sail Phase?
During the Sail Phase only 1 gold card per player can be played.
Can the loser play cards during the Sail Phase
Does losing during the Betting Phase prevent all movement?
No, that player can still move forward if they are able to play a Gold card that allows them to move.
I won the betting phase, will I activate my tile that I land on?
Not necessarily. Only 1 tile will be activated per round.
Whoever activates the tile is determined by a Tile Battle between the players who moved forward during the Sail Phase.
(Note that players CAN move forward without being eligible to participate in the tile battle, for example with the Golden Action Card “Grappling Hooks”).
How many tiles are activated each round?
Only 1 tile is activated each round.
What happens if only one player moves forward in the Sail Phase?
That player activates the tile it lands on without any tile battle with other players.
How many cards can I play?
Only two per player per round, one Silver and one Gold. If you played a Gold card during the Sail Phase you cannot play a 2nd Gold card in the Action phase.
In what order are Action Cards played?
Any player can play any action card at any time (given that you are in the correct phase for the color of the card). The order is important though since consequences happen in the order cards are played)
In what order do you play the cards?
There is no set order for playing cards.
Anyone can start playing cards in the Sail and Action phase; it's important to time your cards and play them in the windows of opportunity that are presented.

Cards are always resolved immediately and in the order that they were played.

In the Sail phase anyone can play a valid gold card, even the loser of the betting phase.
Can two identical cards be played right after each other?
Yes. It can be used to counter attacks with an attack and similar. Just follow the played order of cards and carefully read all text on the cards to determine if it’s valid or not.
What happens if I run out of cards?
You pick up 1 new extra card. It can be played immediately IF the card you played previously was of the other color than the one you picked up and you didn’t already play that color earlier that same round.
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