The Nordic Pirates

Is the Creative Director of the Crew. A truly creative and crazy person that loves to explore game mechanics and push the boundaries of what games are.
Has has the title of Quartermaster and is responsible for coordinating with illustrators and videographers. He is responsible for much of the design and creativity behind the campaign.
Who is the first mate on our pirate ship knows operations in a company better than any of us and is great at managing our team.
Is our second mate that brings ideas to life with 3D printing and jaw-dropping renderings.
Is the amazing artist responsible for all the illustrations in the game.
Stefan has been creating and executing worldwide strategies for major corporations at EA, Nokia, Microsoft and Warner Bros. Stefan is engaged worldwide by small and large companies for his ability to generate ideas, connections and strategies that deliver extraordinary value. Stefan is the co-founder of the Swedish Games Industry Association.
Other ship members
Theodor, our music producer, and Johan, our studio photographer, and filmmaker. We canโ€™t thank them enough for the creations they provided.

We are an indie game company, working on our first game. We are committed to delivering a high-quality tabletop board game to the world. We've spent years perfecting this game, gathering feedback from players around the globe to provide our backers with a fun, competitive, and beautiful game that combines easy accessibility with genuine engagement

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