The wildest dice game of the century

Lying Pirates

A multi-layer modular first to finish dice game for 3-6 players with millions of variations...

Become a Pirate Legend

In Lying Pirates, you will become Captain on your own Pirate ship. You will be able to fire your cannons on other players, win and lose crewmen, learn new skills and find mighty artifacts. But beware of cursed shipwrecks, seductive mermaids and of course the terrifying Kraken!

Custom designed ship miniatures, battle dice and coasters for each player.
Rapid, wild gameplay lasting 10-15 min per player.
Perfect balance between luck and strategy.
A game from the 16th century

Built on top of a real pirate game

Lying Pirates takes the best from the classic game of liar's dice, a game that records back to the 16th century and was popular among real pirates. With tiles, action cards, special dice, and more we give you a new unique approach to one of the most famous games in the world.
Extraordinary design

Over 200 hand drawn components

We take pride in making the smallest details unique and beautiful. Our game has been illustrated and hand- lettered by Serbian artist Srdjan Vidakovic. The game includes 2 Maps, 24 Tiles, 75 Action cards, 10 Special made dices, 6 Captain coasters and more...
Endless Variations

A game to be played a million times

Thanks to exchangeable tiles there are over a million different variations of sea maps. Once you mastered the game you can rebuild the sea and set sail once again. Every game is unique and full of surprises.

The Three Phases

You are about to set sail on your own pirate ship to compete against the other pirates.
The dice in your cup is your crew. The goal of the game is to be the fastest pirate to sail around the islands and claim the Pirate Throne at all cost!

Never trust a Pirate

The Betting phase is all about fooling your opponent to make the wrong decision. The game mechanic is much like poker, each player conceals their dice and make bets on how many of a specific face value there are on the table. As the bets goes around the table and get higher, the betting comes to a stop when one player decides to call out another player as a liar. All the hidden dice are revealed and counted, if the sum is equal or higher than the current bid, the pirate who called out liar loses... But if the sum is less, he or she wins. The winner and the survivors sail on while the loser stands still.

A 60 Seconds guide to liar's dice can be found In this link

Adventure Awaits

In the second phase, survivors from the betting phase sail 1-2 steps forward on the map. Players must battle each other for the event their ship lands on, using custom made battle dice. The winner gets to experience the event, but be on your guard, some events are beneficial, while others may be devastating. To aid you during this phase you will also have special gold cards in your arsenal.

Fire in the Hole

In the last phase of the game, strategy once again comes into play, with your action cards you can decide to attack other players, pick up handy supplies from shore or defend yourself against sneaky attacks. But beware, only one card can be played each make your move wisely.

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