The wildest dice game of the century

Lying Pirates

A multi-layer modular first to finish dice game for 2-6 players with millions of variations.

Sail the seas
as a mighty pirate captain

Fire up your six-gun and prepare to storm the shores of Skull Island. In this tactical adventure game, you'll need to use all your cunning to win the day!

Custom designed ship miniatures, real bamboo cups, battle dice and coasters for each player.
Rapid, wild gameplay lasting 10-15 min per player.
~40-60 mins in total.
Every game will be different.
Perfect balance between luck and strategy.

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“This game blew me away and everybody I knew who played it has enjoyed it as well!”
- Michael J Wright, Unfiltered Gamer
“There is a lot of treasure packed into this box. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a pirate theme boardgame”
- Board Game Burger
”lying pirates is liar's dice on steroids with a twist,
packed with action and fun!”
- Filip Waak, Sweden's 2nd best Catan-player.
A game from the 16th century

Reinventing an Old Classic

Lying Pirates mechanics draw inspiration from the classic game of Liar's Dice.

We've taken the best parts and combined them with new twists and turns that make for a fast-paced, entertaining, and easy-to-play experience.

Tiles, Action Cards, Special Dice, and more add excitement and depth to this engaging game of strategy and deception.
Extraordinary design

The Art of Piracy, designed from start to finish

Lying Pirates features over 200 hand-drawn components, each with its own unique style that will delight players as they explore every piece.

The game's beautiful illustrations, created by award-winning artist and designer Srdjan Vidakovic, are sure to captivate players from the tiles to the coasters.
Endless Variations

A game to be played a million times

Thanks to interchangeable tiles, there are over a million different ways to create your own sea map.

Once you've mastered the game, you can rebuild the sea and set sail again. Every game is unique and full of surprises.
Adventure and glory await you

The Three Phases

Lying Pirates is a fun and exciting adventure in which you must be the first pirate captain to reach around the islands, but your fellow pirates won't make it easy for you.

Using strategy, luck, and a bit of bluffing, will you be able to sail past them all, become the crowned champion and claim the throne?

Never trust a Pirate

The first phase of the game is all about fooling your opponent to make the wrong decision.

Each player conceals their dice and makes bets on how many of a specific face value there are on the table.

Betting continues until someone calls out their opponent as a liar, revealing all hidden dice at once.

If the sum of the dice on the table is equal to or higher than the bid, he or she loses. But if it is less, he or she wins.

...It hurts to lose a bet, so the winner (who also receives a bonus) and the survivors sail on while the loser stays behind. It’s time for the next phase.

the high seas

Aboard the ship, you and other survivors from the betting phase will sail 1-2 steps forward on the map. It's time to battle.

With our custom-made Battle Dice, players must fight for the event tile their ship lands on.

The winner gets to experience the event, but be on your guard - some events are beneficial, while others may be devastating.

To aid you during this phase you will have special gold cards in your arsenal.

These gold cards can be used for additional influence over an outcome: to steal great opportunities, or fortify your ship against dangerous creatures and many other actions.

Fire in the Hole

It's time to fire your cannons! Once the event has finished, the final phase begins for all players.

Use your cards wisely to attack other players or pick up handy supplies. Each card has a special action to help you in different ways, But beware, Only one card of each color can be played each round, so the strategy is key. 

After the phase is complete a new round starts with all players involved.

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